Daring The Improbable

New Years Resolutions are as ubiquitous as they are ineffective. This post, however, is not about how ineffective they might be. You see, I have this idea that maybe its not our fault that we often can't follow through on what we resolve to do. Maybe it's a matter of bad design.

Tandem Reflection: at the Intersection of Design Thinking and Peer Mentorship

Two people talking face-to-face in an open office, looking at each other

Tandem Reflection is the use of tools and mindsets of design thinking and applying them in one-on-one conversations with the intent of assisting the other person with a problem.

The Return

Hey, everybody. To those who might recognize what this site used to be, you might noticed some changes. Notably, this blog is no longer called Writings By Ender. I've opted instead for something simple and accurate: Austin's Writing Hub (Note from the future: the blog has since been renamed to Self-Centric Design) To all of … Continue reading The Return