The Return

Hey, everybody. To those who might recognize what this site used to be, you might noticed some changes. Notably, this blog is no longer called Writings By Ender. I’ve opted instead for something simple and accurate: Austin’s Writing Hub (Note from the future: the blog has since been renamed to Self-Centric Design)

To all of you 10,550 that followed Writings by Ender:

I wanted to thank you for the support that you gave during its life. Writings by Ender was a massive success in my eyes and reflects many important ideas in my life that I take forward to this day. So, I thank you. That being said, this renaming is not only an aesthetic change. It’s a deliberate effort to incorporate more of myself into my writing. This means less fiction, and more general articles, it means I’m going to write what I’d like.

If you’re along for the ride, thanks for continuing to follow me, but if you aren’t interested, I completely understand.

For anyone who just might be seeing this for the first time. Here’s a line up of some topics I plan on writing about: the intersection of design and mentorship that I’m calling “tandem reflection”, what science has to say about how to learn something, speculative design, using fiction in an organization to drive change. Those are some of the ideas I have going forward, and I know more ideas will well up naturally.

Thank you all, for everything!


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